Sapphire Leadership Group is a think tank that develops products which will help grow victims into loyal subjects of the Great King, and grow loyal subjects into noble subjects.

The first command God gave mankind was to steward the land He had given them.  They were to care for the prototype He had developed for them, and then expand the Garden of Eden to the non-garden part of the world.

This is what a noble subject does.  He receives raw materials from the King and uses his own intellectual capital and sweat equity to convert the raw materials into something that enhances and enriches the Kingdom of his beloved King.

This set of prayers has been developed to allow those with a Kingdom world view to use the authority God has given you to bring the land we call Balmoral into a higher level of spiritual excellence than the local community is able to achieve on their own.  The sustained global prayer thrust has already started to produce measurable, verifiable results in that community.

You can also use these in your own area of stewardship, be it simply a cubicle at work or a large geographic area.

Know, however, that words alone do not bring about the transformation God desires.  We are to bring transformed lives to bear on the whole community — people as well as nature — in order to bring the maximum transformation for our King.

We present these tools to you, praying that our land and yours will be changed, and anticipating that in the process of serving the King, you and I will also grow larger in our understanding of who our Great King is.

Arthur Burk

Anaheim, California


2 Responses to About

  1. Janis Karabats says:

    Dear Arthur, I have and will continue to print each of these prayers and put them together in a binder so, as I travel, I can pray and continue to pray over the lands that I have added to your Balmoral (Balmorals). Thank you for just being ‘you’, and the power of Blessing that you are ever expanding as example for us. Even as the culture of the World impresses us with our helplessness, you pour out the Truth that we are anything but helpless. When we can do nothing else….We can Bless! and watch the results.

  2. Lynn Ferriman says:

    Hello Arthur, I had posted a reply 2 days ago regarding Balmoral and the implementor. It got lost in the change over. I cant remember it all, but the gist of it was to say that up to now I have had no word on Balmoral for you. When I got to read “Implementors as opposed to dreamers” I felt this thought. That Balmoral becomes a fruitful land. By this I use an analogy of my own home, which is a free standing cottage and garden on 5 acres together with 5 other families. What happens here is Christians can help pre Christians and speak into their life in a paraprasing kind of way. Because we are in such close proximity a plea comes quickly and help arrives very quickly. Now in this blog you are talking about using your own intelectual intelligence and talent to make the land fruitful in many many ways. I had a mind map of this years ago and had now forgotten about it.

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