1. On Ramps to Heaven

It has been a long time since we started this series about a place God said would be a restorative refuge for me.  Since that day, God has not allowed me to return and there is no timeline visible to know whether I am near or far.

This project qualifies for what Eugene Peterson called “a long obedience in the same direction.”  The payoffs for those long obediences tend to be massive so we will continue to lean into this one.  I am so appreciative of the people who check this daily and join us in focused prayer.

We began with cleansing prayers for land, boundaries and nature, then I worked through all 400 verses that refer to peace and have selected 54 which were the basis of individual peace blessings.  Now it time to move to a completely new category of blessings.

The focus will be “on ramps to heaven.”  This refers to the methods we use to cross the line from the natural to the spiritual realms.  In our culture, the dominant on ramp is corporate musical worship.  There are many people who cannot connect with God spiritually unless they are in the context of a group, musical, spiritual event.

This is a very legitimate on ramp, but far from the only one.  We need to explore the many other ways in which God designed us to be in touch with the heavenly realms using our spirit, not just our mind.

I want to do this in the context of the gift of Mercy of Balmoral.  The Mercy gift is designed to have an intense relationship with the spiritual realm, making the connection between heaven and earth quite normative, rather than exceptional.  To do that, they have to provide the largest collection of on ramps of any community.

There is another side to the Mercy equation and that is their ability to form an ecosystem that is widely and mutually life giving.  That involves getting the right people in the right place at the right time.

So we are going to add some warfare to our blessings.  Everyone has a place where they can thrive spiritually.  As you look at God’s interactions with humanity, He adapted His communication to their specific place in life.  At times He used the drama of earthquakes and fire.  Other times the still small voice.  Sometimes He came dressed as a human, and other times He was merely a voice in the night.

Specifically, the spiritual dynamics we are building into Balmoral are not a one size fits all.  Although all of those things are good, not all of those things will draw all of the people to the King.  So we are going to begin to pray people out and in.

Simply ask God every day to remove everyone from this community who is not thriving there and who will not be able to thrive.  Ask Him to move them to the community which He has prepared for them, so they can meet Him in the way that is right for them.

And since nature abhors a vacuum, we must pray in the replacement people.  On the one hand, we will pray generally asking God to bring in those whom He has prepared to be part of the Mercy ecosystem of the community — each one receiving and giving in the right key of music.

But beyond that, we will be exploring the different on ramps revealed in Scripture, and we will ask God to send those kinds of people to Balmoral so that everyone who does not know the King can find someone who sings the gospel song in their key of music.

It is quite exciting to watch this happen.  In one city where a small team began praying this, the apartment owners’ association reported with shock that there was a huge transition of people during the two months of the year when typically there is the lowest level of turnover.

God knows where each person can meet Him best, so let’s pray His will into reality as people are moved out of the city who will never connect with God and God’s purposes there, and then move into the city from anywhere in the world, those who have a divine appointment with the Kingdom of God on that land.

The posts for the next several months will each highlight a God-ordained on ramp as incarnated in Scripture.  We will bless the community with that kind of person moving in each time there is a new post, but running in the background continually should be our prayer for God to move people out in order to make a place for the new ones coming in.

Copyright September 2011 by Arthur Burk

Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc.

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10 Responses to 1. On Ramps to Heaven

  1. Caroline says:

    Hello! I am very late in finding this material but it excites me as I already proved this in 2015 last year on a personal level!
    My family is scattered around the world. I felt really prompted last year to pray daily for a number of months that
    1/ God would relocate each and every family member to be in the location of His will
    2/ God would relocate every family member to be spiritually relocated.

    “Suddenly” as the close of 2015 came, three family members relocated geographically AND my husband and I (earlier in the year after having begun to pray this) were relocated from our church of which we had been in for our whole lives.

    It works! I was excited to find this!


  2. Brandee says:

    Arthur, Again my heart is leaping while reading this material. I was so excited about reading about your Balmoral. God has placed a small resort town in mine and my husbands heart over the last 11 years and renewed it big time this year. It started as a Methodist tent revival community.It is known now for a place to go for same sex relationships. We feel the Lord calling us there to reach the New generation church. Would it be safe to say these principles would work there as well?

  3. Ruthie Young says:

    Interesting. In 1994 in the beginning of the MS prayer Network, BJ asked at every prayer gathering (8 per month) that we all ask the Lord to remove pastors who did not or would not transition to a position of righteousness in their ministry, who would not help our state move into transformation, revival and reconciliation. Then he asked us all to pray that the Lord would bring others to our state who would embrace Him and who would help us to move forward in His Kingdom. Since 2000, at almost every meeting we have people who come up to us from all over the nations and other countries who have heard the Lord speak for them to come to Mississippi! He has really answered that prayer. When I saw this prayer for Balmoral, I felt such joy! Our wonderful Great God loves to do things like this when we ask him, So I’m praying it!!!!

    • Arthur Burk says:

      Ruthie, I am delighted to see someone walking it out on a large scale over a long period of time. Well done. I am honored that you are bringing your earned authority and faith to our Balmoral project as well.

  4. Sonia says:

    Yahoo Arthur!

    • Tanishia says:

      Oh this one is incredibly spcaeil Arthur! Ahh I have been on land where there was peace in my mind. How often have I not recognized the gifts in land and what it released? Too often in the past.So thankful for your prayers for cleansing and blessings Arthur. Our land hugged me last night after doing some cleansing and then blessing.Thank you Arthur.

  5. I’ve seen how God has moved me around and always right on time to where I would learn or flourish, but I have not considered this concept as corporate or for the location, but of course it is! I love it. When presented with these principles, I think of the Word and see the examples. Can’t this principle be applied with the implementation of a God-given vision for a business or church, and desiring the right people be part of that vision?

    • Mary Florence Kerlegan says:

      Yes, Robin. Upon hearing these principles strung together, my mind immediately started races about all the other applications this process could reap Kingdom growth.
      Especially, coupled with the breath of God and depth of our influence in prayer (God’s orginal design and to a thousand generations) your comment is an encouraging confirmation. Thanks!

  6. Darla says:

    Wow – this is really exciting!
    Love the description of the “key of music” that draws specific individual’s spirits/souls to Father.
    Bless you Arthur as you release the specific blessings over the coming months that open wide the gates to Heaven in this special community.

  7. Tanya says:

    I’m ready for this! Also excited about what is going to happen. Wow, just imagine how countries would change if all christians would pray and do what you are going to reveal in “Onramps to Heaven”. It would be interesting how many people that do follow this end up moving from their current locations. Arthur pull the trigger on that starting pistol, sound the bell, it is Sept 21 (Reconciliation with God) and it is time to find some new “Onramps” to deepen our relationships with our King!

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